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Bring or deliver to NZ. COVID-19 advice for travellers

Bring or deliver to NZ. COVID-19 advice for travellers

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Declare perhaps the tiniest quantities and components for cooking.

All foods brought into brand brand brand brand brand brand New Zealand, perhaps the littlest quantities and ingredients for cooking, have to be announced. Food products consist of:

  • good fresh fruit and veggies
  • meat
  • eggs
  • seafood
  • milk products
  • dried out mushrooms and fungi
  • honey and honey items
  • seeds for human being usage and for processing into meals
  • pea nuts, spices, natural natural herbs, and popcorn that is un-popped
  • dried out, prepared, or preserved fruit and veggies
  • grains and pulses
  • pickles (including pickled meat and fish).

If you should be importing big quantities of food products for commercial usage, you’ll want to proceed with the regulations for importing those items.

Collapse products that are animal

All animal services and products brought into New Zealand must be examined that can require therapy or licenses. Some things won’t be permitted into brand brand brand New Zealand.

Animal items consist of:

  • Chinese or Asian medication
  • feathers
  • eggs
  • meat
  • honey and honey items, including cosmetic makeup products, natural supplements and medications
  • shells and clams
  • ivory
  • turtle shell products
  • coral
  • items created from snakeskin or whalebone.

Novelty things, souvenirs, and ornaments should really be announced whether they have any right components produced from:

  • animal fibres or feathers
  • pets hides and skins.

Biological services and products of animal beginning, microorganisms, and mobile countries

The products needs to be announced. They are able to include animal dung and plant materials that could carry bugs and conditions. If you’re holding some of these forms of products, be sure you declare them or perhaps you can be fined.

Collapse Plants and plant items

Declare all plant product. Some kinds of items are forbidden.

All plant product must certanly be announced. Products might need therapy or an import license, plus some items are forbidden. Types of flowers and plant products which must certanly be announced include:

  • dried out and flowers that are fresh
  • seeds
  • plant cuttings
  • products manufactured from bamboo, cane, rattan, coconut, straw
  • products made from lumber, as an example, drums, carvings, masks, tools, or tools
  • pine cones
  • any souvenirs produced from plant material – as an example, corn and straw, including things filled with seeds and straw,
  • herbal supplements, natural supplements, and remedies that are homeopathic
  • cosmetics created from flowers
  • spiritual offerings.

In the event that you bring timber items, fresh fruit, veggies, other plant items, micro-organisms or laboratory specimens into brand new Zealand, you have to conform to what’s needed for importing those products.

To get more information make reference to the actions to importing:

Collapse applied gear

Such a thing utilized out-of-doors – on farms, for climbing, camping, fishing, farming and stuff like that.

Utilized gear, like sporting and equipment that is recreational needs to be announced in your passenger arrival card.

This sort of gear can move plant and soil product off their nations into brand brand brand brand brand New Zealand which will carry insects, conditions, and seeds – all of these can pose a hazard to your environment and wildlife. Some contaminants such as for example viruses, germs and fungi aren’t noticeable and will show up on utilized gear that seems clean towards the eye that is naked.

Gear might be examined on arrival so that it ought to be an easy task to achieve in your baggage.

If you’re not sure about whether or not your gear needs inspecting – declare it.

Utilized gear includes:

  • all hiking and sporting footwear, including gaiters for tramping – or any footwear utilized away from towns – which should really be cleaned just before arrival and start to become without any soil and seeds
  • tents and any camping gear
  • all camping meals
  • searching gear, including clothes and backpacks
  • any gear combined with pets such as for instance:
    • farm footwear
    • veterinarian materials
    • horseback riding gear, saddles, and bridle gear
    • animal shearing gear, including clothes utilized while shearing pets
  • farming gear
  • all gear – like clothing, footwear and tools – employed for operate in companies such as for example horticulture, viticulture (wine manufacturing), apiculture (beekeeping), aquaculture (seafood agriculture), and forestry.
  • fishing and water task gear including yet not limited by:
    • diving equipment and wetsuits
    • waders, fishing rods, lines, hooks, flies.
      • MPI advises you keep your waders that are felt-soled house. Entry demands are strict because of this types of footwear. Plus you are not permitted to make use of waders that are felt-soled fishing in freshwater (this will be a Fish and Game Council prohibition). Felt-soled waders will tend to be seized during the edge and directed for destruction, therapy, or reshipment.
      • Fishing flies are allowed entry but all material that is non-artificial fly-tying must meet up with the conditions within the Import wellness Standard for fibres.

Get more info

  • Bringing and fishing that is using in brand brand New Zealand – Fish and Game Council
  • Importing fibres and feathers
  • The Import Health Standard for fibres [PDF, 194 KB]

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