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The Triangle of Deceit: LoanCare LLC, Equity Accelerator, and Freedom Mortgage.

The Triangle of Deceit: LoanCare LLC, Equity Accelerator, and Freedom Mortgage.

My blitzkrieg that is personal starts. We call the Equity Accelerator and unleash my spoken fury on a customer that is sweet agent on the other side line.

“Yes, I’m able to allow you to cancel the program. You enrolled in it for the life of the mortgage.” she states.

I did so? We don’t keep in mind the closing agent expressing that this 3rd party into the alternative party would FOREVER withdraw cash on my behalf. We don’t recall Freedom Mortgage ever cancelling that is ONCE mentioning changing the Equity Accelertor account if they relocated far from LoanCare LLC. Why do personally i think I ordered chicken like I was fed tofu when.

“Yes, i must cancel this and I also require my cash back!” The truth is, the representatives at Freedom explained they didn’t see any checks or cash from LoanCare LLC. In reality, with them, I would go in ayers on my loan if I didn’t set up payments directly. This delivered my veteraness that is military into mode of LOC’s and LOR’s. Can maybe maybe not, will likely not neglect to perform my duties.

The stage was set by this phone call for Ms. Fact Digger conference customer support Guru of all of the knowledge. The agent had been able to provide me personally the presssing problem date, checks figures, and dates cashed to/by Freedom Mortgage from Equity Accelerator back at my account. Hmm..more then one cookie is lying if you ask me right right here. Freedom Mortage doesn’t seem all of that is generally seems to be…..

Therefore, after 6 hours of telephone calls, stomping and note using, we close Equity Accerlator to my account and acquire a confirmation quantity also.

Next witness, Freedom Mortage.

We call Freedom Mortgage to get in a hot conversation with an agent that is plainly confused in regards to the responsibility of truth in financing. First he claims “I don’t show anything used from LoanCare LLC.”

He is given by me the dates for the checks and figures supplied by Equity Accelerator.

“Oh, well, yes. We received those”

Okay guy, could be the meat tofu or chicken, cause it’s most certainly not beef. Darn it Jim, why can’t somebody let me know where my money is and PLEASE stop taking it without my approval.

Then he informs me my account is 2 months ahead. Wait..wasn’t we told we coudn’t do bimonthly re re payments because we would have to be one ahead month? “Can we set those up?”

“Yes. But we can’t allow you to with this.” Freedom Mortgage customer support rep replies.

Well, don’t just be therefore helpful! My goodness, that would desire that!

We approve for example thirty days to be reversed. (It’s summer time..I wasn’t certain whenever my next paycheck may be, and my legs are needs to smell. I’d like to buy shower detergent. It is got by you right?)

At the conclusion of a single day, personally i think similar to this nobody that is little through the North, has won. We have my bank disputing the costs, account terminated with Equity Accelerator, and another ahead with my mortgage company month. Life is great.

Or more I Was Thinking.

Fast ahead to today, With clean legs, washed locks, and brand new socks, we log into my banking account. BAM! There it is.. another withdrawl underneath the title “LOANCARE, LLC” this time around for $1300.

My mind explodes throughout the dining dining table. I will be mentally finished with being relaxed.

We call my bank and commence ANOTHER dispute. The courteous custoemr solution rep attempts calling LoanCare LLC at their quantity (check it won’t get ANYONE.). Without any fortune she attempts another super secretive number only provided towards the inner banking group, in accordance with a lot of my relief, the decision passes through. We have been on hold together. Few moments pass by and I also obtain the David that is fabulous on line.

“I don’t see us using hardly any money away. Do an account is had by you with Equity Accelerator?” David asks.

Placing my arrow in my own bow, we strike.

“No, we shut the account under authorization quantity XXXXX”

David laughs and informs both myself and bank agent that LoanCare LLC will have to conduct “payment research” to confirm the transation was got by them.

I’m very sorry, exactly WHAT THE BLAZING HORSE MONKEY. Regarding the ACH withdrawl it plainly states “LOANCARE, LLC”. Okay, David, we shall tango if required. I really do exactly what David asked, that is collect all the times and trace amounts of the withdrawls and e-mail it a blanket LoanCare e-mail. As instructed, we request them to expediate the presssing problem to administration.

Meanwhile when you look at the transition land of cash between my pocket bank and book paradise, $1300 is going swimming homeless.. hungry.. and destroyed.

We hang up the phone with David, unhappy and fed up with playing this run around game without any real assistance or asssitance from anybody. We opt to register a far better Busienss Bureau problem (entirely jacking up my schedule and saying March instaed of might..forgive a lady will ya?), customer Proctection Agency Compaint, and FDIC grievance on LoanCare LLC. I additionally email the only real legitimate email of somebody in LoanCare LLC that we could discover. Ms. Kim Bigham VP of Loan management will probably keep coming back from holiday on Monday and discover an email that is unhappy me personally. We extremely doubt she’ll even see clearly. I really wonder if the tables where switched, We wonder how Ms. Bigham would feel if her colleagues, the coolish David and crew, managed her with such discard and attitude that is complacent. Or possibly the e-mail might lead LoanCare’s management actually to reconsider their customer care training course. Or even maybe perhaps maybe not.

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