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Areas of Practice

We provide the following advisory services:

  • Project advisory services for legal compliance, legal vetting of projects, and legal audit of all compliance. Drafting and vetting of all kinds of contracts with vendors of the project and all other related legal services.
  • Techno legal advisory services. With our in-depth legal knowledge on various techno legal subjects, we provide the best techno legal advices and services for the various projects. This is a highly specialized field of legal services which also provide the legal audit and legal compliance services for the projects and all kinds of techno legal aspects of the project.
  • Our services includes legal consultancy services, services, corporate legal services, financial legal services, taxation services, recovery solutions, bad debt recovery solutions.
  • We provide consultancy for intellectual property including but not restricted to the matters of the protection and registration of brands, patents, and industrial design.

We strive to provide clients with the most appropriate advisory services that meet the changing needs of clients.